Laguiole Château Pate Knife 4 Piece Set - Pearl

Laguiole Château Pate Knife 4 Piece Set - Pearl


Styled after the classic French Laguiole cutlery, urbain coutellerie Laguiole is ornate and decadent by design, bringing a theatrical element to any dining experience. Each piece is manufactured using eight individual metal components, which bolster the attractive ABS handles. Offering superb quality at an affordable price, and beautiful presentation in traditional wooden boxing, this set is perfect for gift-giving, or personal use.

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French Design. Made in China.

Colour: Pearl


Materials:420 Stainless Steel and ABS Handles

Care Instructions:Before use wash cutlery in hot water using a mild dish washing liquid, rinse thoroughly & dry with a soft cloth.
Avoid leaving cutlery unwashed for long periods of time.

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